Neurologists Are Needed To Help Stem Cell Treatment Be Approved For Multiple Sclerosis

Many of us living with Multiple Sclerosis suffer almost daily with symptoms that are quite severe. There is a treatment that can reverse symptoms and stop the disease. It is not a cure. No MS drug can do this.

As we advocate for our best healthcare needs we also need our neurologists to help us. Those of us who need/want stemcell transplantation just can’t do this alone unless we have the financial means to do so. Neurologists are needed, but some doctors across the spectrum have financial interests in drug companies.

The #FDA isn’t necessarily just concerned with the interests of the consumer. Big pharma lobbyists have interests that are not for patients. They don’t work for us. Who hears our voices?


It’s just horrendous, that right here in the US, stem cell therapy is out of reasonable reach for those of us who are willing to endure this treatment. The FDA may take 10 more years to approve HSCT for MS. It’s not accepted with insurance since the FDA hasn’t approved HSCT for Multiple Sclerosis. HSCT has been proven to be far more effective than approved FDA drugs.

Connecting the dots isn’t too complicated as to why many of us are being neglected and forced to live out this disease in more misery. When suffering is thought to be just as the trade-off for profit, that is plainly evil.

None of this is easy! Being sick is complicated! It’s a vicious cycle for us, and many will continue to deteriorate further because they are unable to tolerate disease-modifying drugs. A choice of stem cells is another option to live out better lives with this MonSter, if we want to have the treatment. If nothing else, I think it is their moral responsibility to tell us, if they know about it,

I don’t have 10 more years to wait until HSCT is approved. What about you?


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